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Lift and Go system

About S-TRAN

S-TRAN is the "new integrated PRM system" developed by Guidosimplex to facilitate access on board vehicles with the utmost ease for users who need mobility support.
The system consists of an ergonomic seat integrated into a base that allows, in addition to the outward rotation, also the possibility of lowering the same from the driving level to the optimal level of external transfer, and vice versa.
The system is fully automatic in all its functions, therefore rotation, exit; descent and vice versa. All functions are “programmable” and therefore, once set, all movements take place in automatic sequence once the program has been started. In addition, thanks to the programmable functions, the system is adaptable to every user need.

S-TRAN is a valid system for every type of PRM, and thanks to which it has never been so easy and safe to access a vehicle.

S-TRAN is supplied complete with footrest and fine finishes with ABS fairings. In case of anomalies, a special emergency system allows its functionality in "manual" mode.

Main Features

  • Programmable movement
  • Fully automatic operation with a single button
  • Electric seat with electric adjustments during travel as well as automatic and programmable backrest advancement / rotation functions during boarding
  • Use via wired push button panel with smart display, resident buttons on the seat as well as in WIFI mode via smart phone using the Guidosimplex Tran APP
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