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Wheelchair come passenger transfer solution

About G-TRAN

The system consists of a rigid frame with wheels and a comfortable ergonomic seat (fabricated in compliance with existing legislative directives) designed for both internal and external usage together with a swivel seat base mounted inside the vehicle. The person, positioned on the passenger seat of the vehicle can be safely transferred together with the seat onto the undercarriage of the wheelchair. The seat, thanks to the swivel base, turns outwards 90°, after which the wheelchair undercarriage is attached to the seat base, this allows the seat, together with the passenger, to slide smoothly into place transforming the seat into a wheelchair. On completion, the person can now be treated in the same manner as one does with a normal orthopaedic wheelchair. Thanks to its reduced dimensions and weight, the undercarriage when not in use can be easily loaded into the boot of the vehicle. This product has been specifically designed to ensure that the original seat belt functionality remains intact.

Main Features

  • Ease of usage
  • remain seated throughout the entire operation
  • Ergonomic Seat
  • Anti-tilt wheels
  • Rear Handlebar
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Pivoting Front Wheels
  • Height Adjustable Footrest
  • Light Weight
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