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About H-TRAN

The davits of the H-TRAN series derive from the need to be able  to lift, without any effort on the part of the user, manual, electric, or scooter wheelchairs (up to a weight not exceeding 180 kg) and place them inside a vehicle or of his trunk. The davits range consists of three different models with different loads :

  • Mast crane: load capacity up to 35 Kg
  • Light version davit: load capacity up to 50 Kg
  • Strong version davit with articulated telescopic arm: load capacity up to 120 or 180 Kg

The davits are moved using recessed control buttons or remote control. After use and if necessary, the light version of davit can be reclined inside the boot by acting on the release lever. Thanks to its articulated and telescopic arm, the strong version davit are particularly suitable for easily overcoming very protruding bumpers or for loading wheelchairs on station wagons with tilted rear doors.

Main Features

  • Various types
  • Flush-mounted control buttons or remote control
  • Steel
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