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All In One Lever 2015A

Electronic Accelerator and Braking Control

About All In One Lever 2015A

This system allows users to control the throttle through a trigger positioned on the handle of the lever. To accelerate just pull the trigger, a innovative electronic control unit ensures a perfect response. The mechanical brake is operated by pushing the lever forward, the response is proportional to the force applied. When the trigger is at full throttle simply apply more pressure in order to activate the Kick down (in case of automatic gearbox). Another two buttons are present on the handle of the lever, one button activates the horn and the other one, the electric locking system for the brake lever. This solution gives an excellent degree of vehicle control with virtually no fatigue to the driver. It’s a great choice for those wishing to drive long distances or indeed those required to drive for a living. Our unique safety ”Micro Switch” feature prevents gas and brake from being operated at the same time. Every Guidosimplex electronic accelerator comes with a motor reduction button, which allows you to reduce motor power by 50% giving you more control in certain situations, such as Traffic and Parking.


Main Features

  • Electronic Accelerator
  • Graduale Acceleration
  • Hill start locking system
  • Incorporated Horn Button
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