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TSL - The Safe Lever

Electronic Accelerator and Mechanical Brake

The TSL is the perfect ambassador for "Made in Italy'', an embossed rubber coating that embraces the entire structure whilst the ergonomic grip is refinished in hand-stitched soft Italian leather. Operating the device is intuitive and comfortable. Placing the palm of your hand on the ergonomic grip, simply push forward to brake, braking is in direct proportion to the force applied. 

Acceleration is achieved by activating the electronic Half Moon trigger positioned strategically alongside the ergonomic grip, the experience is light to the touch and thanks to our in-house IG Interface software acceleration can be programmed to suit individual needs, gradual or rapid. As is the case with all of our electronic solutions, acceleration is automatically inhibited once the brake is activated.

Two versions of TSL are now readily available :

  1.  3 Button version, which includes Horn, Hill Start Brake and Kickdown

  2.  Complete with secondary controls: Headlights - Low, Hight and Flash, Indicator and Hill Start Brake 


  • Great attention to details 

  • Soft Italian leather 

  • Acceleration can be programmed  

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