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Infrared Secondary Control

11 Functions 

This innovative unit can be easily installed on both the right or left- hand sides of the steering wheel. Its ergonomic design enables a complete 360° turn of the steering wheel with comfort and ease. As with all of our devices 1096 coexists in perfect harmony with the original controls which remain intact and functional. 1096 brings all of these functions to your fingertips, headlights, indicators, horn, hazard lights and wipers. This solution comes complete with a dusk sensor which automatically activates the headlights and also illuminates the Keypad to facilitate usage. Does a family member need to borrow your car? Not a problem, this solution comes with a quick-release button allowing you to remove the device with ease and comfort whenever necessary.


 COMMUNITY CODE 35.03 / 35.04


  • Suited to both the left and right-hand sides of the steering wheel

  • Ergonomic Design offers comfort and ease 

  • Coexists with perfect harmony with the original controls 

  • Complete control of headlights, indicators, horn, hazard lights and wipers

  • Dusk Sensor 

  • Illuminated keypad to facilitate usage at night 

  • Quick-release button means it can be removed with ease whenever necessary   

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